“Offering extreme dedication and care, Friends of the Sick provides many thousands of hours of care day in day out as an act of chesed of the highest order. Their vital work deserves 	every support.” Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks

If you’re ill or frail and don’t have friends
or family nearby to help, who do you turn to?

We are a Jewish charity which provides a one-on-one service in
the home. We care when no-one else can help. Welfare organisations, as well as relatives, refer clients to us when they are not able to look after them themselves.

Unfortunately, many of our patients cannot afford the full cost of a carer. We depend entirely on donations from the wider community to carry on this vital task.

We are providing over 14,000 hours of care and companionship to our clients. This year, please help us make sure no-one is turned away in their hour of need.

Please make a donation here.

Providing care and support to the sick and the frail in the Jewish Community